Connection in Everything- A Temporary Farewell

While I was just working at Dolce Vita, I noticed an acquaintance in his mid-70s a few tables over who was meeting with one of his UT students. It was really fun to see this focused, friendly tete a tete between student and mentor. When the young student left, I asked my friend about it, told him how lucky those students are to have those meetings with him. He told me, “It’s the reverse, actually. I’m the lucky one. In a few weeks I’ll go to my 50th school reunion at Harvard. Most of my former classmates are either dead or retired. When they ask me what’s my secret sauce, what puts the spring in my step, I’ll tell them that it’s this right here—collaborating with smart, energized people– asking them questions, figuring things out together. It’s the isolation that makes people old. The connection is everything.”


So, because I spend so much time behind a computer screen writing articles and working on other projects, I have long abandoned this little blog. I will come back to it. But for now, I’m making sure my own secret sauce is getting enough of the right ingredients: family, friends, bike rides, travel adventures, an occasional skinny dip. Gotta keep the spring in my step. Hasta pronto!

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