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“Nothing Exists in Itself”

feet in bath 2012

Brrr. It’s a chilly grey day in Austin, the coldest so far this winter, and a very good day for hot baths and wool socks. It’s the beauty of contrast. If it weren’t for the bitter winds and cold rain … Read the rest >>

“Without the least quivering of his own.”


Pequod Meets the Rachel


In a chapter towards the end of Moby Dick, The Pequod Meets the Rachel, you know that Ahab is a goner– that his mission to kill the whale has stolen his soul– when he refuses to help … Read the rest >>

“I lay only alive to the comical predicament.” Moby Dick and Me in a Tent– Blog Post Number One!

My Toes at the South Rim

The South Rim

I don’t care that much about pop culture. It’s not that I’m a culture snob– I just can’t keep up. And I’m bad with names. But I do hit it off with Melville. And Emerson and Whitman … Read the rest >>