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“I never dreamed of such a thing before…”


What might we have to wait 77 years to see? 

Wendell Berry has come back into my life lately— and I am so happy for it. I woke up at 5:39 this morning hoping that the babysitter would arrive on … Read the rest >>

“If you are a dreamer, come in…”

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I don’t really write much about parenting, although being a parent is what fills me and consumes me more than anything else. But I have to post about a bittersweet thing that is happening at our beloved school, Lee Elementary. … Read the rest >>

“a kindness that dwells deep down in things”

IMG_5068The other day I was venting to a very wise friend about the greed and self-interest of some people I know, let’s call them “The Evil Ones.” I ranted to this friend, who just happens to be a brilliant psychologist … Read the rest >>

“I become a transparent eye-ball”




I think I know where the fountain of youth might be. Contrary to my vain efforts, it’s not in more ab exercises and hair dye or other questionably effective tricks. It’s no particular place or thing, … Read the rest >>

“for most this amazing day”



Springtime. I can’t stop watching the vivid green leaves on the big oak out of my office window. The way that they hold light and cast shadow and shake in the wind. Mesmerizing. How fine they are with just that. … Read the rest >>